Topics to be covered will include

Diagnosis & treatment planning for implants

Diagnostic factors for aesthetic risk assessment

Anatomic site analysis

Maxilla – anterior/posterior

Mandible– anterior/posterior

Treatment planning & decision making in implant dentistry

Soft tissue integration & biocompatibility

Treatment planning prosthetic considerations

Bone level vs tissue level implants

Prosthetic connection considerations

Restorative decision-making

Screw vs cement retained


Principles of flap design & soft tissue management

Single tooth implants in the aesthetic zone

Multiple tooth replacement in the aesthetic zone

Single posterior teeth

Multiple posterior teeth

Full arch/mouth

Biological concepts

Soft tissue integration & biocompatibility

Surgical & prosthetic concepts, evolution, where we are now & keys to success

Different flap designs, advantages and limitations

Soft tissue management, roll flaps, connective tissue grafting

GBR, bone & soft tissue grafting/augmentation

Periosteal releasing incisions, flap management and flap advancement

Horizontal bone defects and augmentation

Vertical bone defects, augmentation and strategies

Posterior maxilla and sinus lifts, grafting

Strategies for inadequate keratinised tissue – Roll Flaps, connective tissue & free gingival grafting

One-stage/two-stage surgery

2nd stage surgical strategies to enhance soft tissue volumes and aesthetics

Abutment & prosthetic design

Prosthetic Management

Management of failing teeth

Single teeth

Multiple teeth

Full Arch

Evolution of concepts

One-stage/two-stage surgery

Immediate placement/loading/provisionalisation

Socket grafting and defect management

Flap design & soft tissue management

Abutment & prosthetic design

GBR, bone & soft tissue grafting/augmentation

Vertical bone defects, augmentation and strategies

Socket grafting/ ridge preservation

Immediate, early & delayed placement

Difficult cases and complications

Complex Cases involving implants

Treatment planning, interdisciplinary management and full mouth rehabilitation

Periodontal cases

Vertical bone defects, augmentation and strategies

Utilising implants and orthodontics

Orthodontic to enhance implant sites

Complications, re-treatments and failures

Correcting soft tissue defects

Peri-implantitis, background, management, strategies & treatment

Dates and Cost

Day 1 & 2 - 9th & 10th Sep 2016

Day 3 - 11th Nov 2016

Day 4 &5 - 9th & 10th Dec 2016

Learn from a clinician of outstanding expertise

Course fee: £595/day (UK Pounds)

£1190 deposit required

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