18 SEP 2015

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  • The course will be an opportunity to learn about recent developments in endodontic techniques.
  • This will include information about the latest development in endodontic preparation techniques: Protaper Next.
  • There will be an opportunity to gain hands on experience of Protaper Next, Guttacore and the Endo Activator. Reference will also be made to the use of SDR to restore the endodontically treated tooth.

Learning Aims

  • An update on when to provide Post & Cores & how to choose the right Post & Core for each clinical situation.
  • Understand the rationale behind activation of irrigant and the methods available to achieve this.
  • Understand the concepts behind the new ProTaper Next rotary preparation and thetechniques for its use.
  • Understand the indications for and the advantages GuttaCore, the new carrier based obturation system.
  • Gain hands on experience with ProTaper Next, obturation with GuttaCore and the handling properties of SDR.