An introductory Course to "DSD - Digital Smile Design". The first of the Complete DSD Series, this Theoretical-Practical Course will describe all the steps necessary to be able to easily perform the whole DSD sequence.

Dr. Andrea Ricci graduated from University of Perugia in 1996.


After a three years training program he achieved the Certificate in Advanced Prosthodontics at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles. Since 1999 he limits his practice to prosthodontics, periodontology and implant dentistry with special emphasis to the aesthetic areas. His office is in one the Leading Dental Centers of the World. He is the Scientific Director of IDEAT (Institute of Dental Education and Therapy).


He is an Active Member of the European Academy of Esthetic Dentistry (EAED), Active Member of the Italian Academy of Esthetic Dentistry (IAED), Active Member of the Italian College of Prosthodontics (ICP) and an Associate Member of the American Academy of Restorative Dentistry (AARD).Co-author of several papers published in international journals.


He has lectured extensively in Europe, in the United States and in Japan.

Day 01


  • What is the Digital Smile Design
  • Why DSD was conceptualized? - Concept and philosophy
  • How the digital world can improve our professional life
  • Power of communication - how to improve patients’perception
  • The “new” clinical diagnostic protocol
  • The Functional Face Bow
  • The Digital Face Bow
  • Defining the Reference Lines on the photos
  • Designing the smile on the photos DSD PREP - Hands-On
  • Introduction to Keynote 6 (and Powerpoint)
  • Configuration of toolbar and settings
  • Basic Keynote 6 tools
  • Advanced Keynote 6 tools utilized for the DSD
  • Step-by-step demonstration of the DSD protocol on Keynote 6
  • Hands-on practice of the whole DSD protocol on Keynote 6 by participants
  • Introduction to softwares utilized to manage photos, back-up important data and to share photos and the Digital Chart with the Team Members and the patient

Day 02

DSD Photo

  • Description of the simplified photographic equipment for excellent extraoral and intraoral photos
  • Calibration and settings for predictable photos
  • Description of the Simplified DSD Photographic Protocol

DSD Photo - Hands-On

  • Live demonstration the Simplified DSD Photographic Protocol
  • Patient’s video interview
  • Calibration of participants’ equipment
  • Simplified DSD Photographic and Video protocol performed by participants

DSD Concept

  • Define the Esthetic Occlusal Plane
  • Define the Incisal Length
  • Define the Teeth Proportions
  • Perform the Digital Wax Up
  • Calibrate the Digital Ruler
  • Digital Smile Design planning
  • Measuring the Wax-Up
  • How to transfer the measurements from the photo to the 3D plaster model
  • Transferring the informations from a photo to the model - The Cross Concept
  • Clinical applications (planning new shapes, ortho, perio) - cases presentation
  • Comments and discussion

Day 03

DSD Concept - Live Demo

  • Patient’s Video Interview
  • Patient’s Simplified DSD Photographic Protocol
  • Managing the photos and the videos
  • Digital Smile Design Treatment Planning
  • Transfer the Cross from the photo to the model
  • Execution of the “traditional” wax-up on the model (by the dental technician)
  • Silicon indexes of the wax-up
  • Execution of the DSD mock-up intraorally
  • Live adjustments
  • Patient’s Video Interview with DSD Mock-Up
  • Patient’s DSD Simplified Photographic Protocol and “Emotional” photos with DSD Mock-Up
  • “Emotional” keynote presentation for the patient
  • Share videoclips of the DSD Mock-Up appointment with the patient
  • Comments and discussion

Learn from a clinician of outstanding expertise

Course fee: £550/day (UK Pounds)

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