The Style Italiano team believes in creating effective, affordable & minimally invasive dentistry which will improve both health and aesthetics. Using a combination of tooth whitening and restorative materials, dentists can achieve outstanding and predictable results.

This course will teach the Style Italiano concept; to produce repeatable, achievable and affordable adhesive dentistry.

Creating wonderful smiles, using minimally invasive techniques & materials that have been selected with the patients best interest in mind. This is a course for every dentist.

Day 01 - Posterior


  • Material selection
  • Avoid full crown
  • Direct V’s Indirect
  • Respect the sound tissue
  • Function & Form

Hands On

Beautiful posterior composite – apply what you have learned

Day 02 - Anterior


Treatment planning Aesthetic & function, how to simplify the techniques. Bleach & bond techniques. Direct anterior composites.

Hands On

Aesthetic anterior composite - apply what you have learned.

Aims and objectives

Following this course participants will understand and execute the following:

  • Treatment planning
  • How to select the right materials for the patients needs
  • Bleaching protocols
  • Advantages and limitations of composite and ceramic
  • Choosing when to use a direct or indirect technique
  • How to be as minimally invasive as possible using conservative techniques
  • Produce a beautiful & repeatable posterior & Anterior composite restoration

Other topics covered:

  • How to reinforce
  • Not being invasive
  • Isolation techniques
  • Additional Conservative Dentistry
  • Quality of restoration & Chair

Following Dates include:

02nd & 03rd December 2016

Time: 9:00am - 4:00pm

Learn from a clinician of outstanding expertise

Course fee: £450/day (UK Pounds)

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